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Beautiful skin that looks, feels and smells great, but without

having to cover yourself in harmful chemicals that are bad for

you and the environment? Shouldn't be difficult.


We agree. 

Yas Body began as a solution to waste. Every week,

specialty coffee stores dispose of 'old' coffee - unused

coffee beans that are too far past their ideal use-by date to serve. 

Yas Body collects these beans and utilises their power, along with natural oils,

sugars and other delicious stuff to create a body

scrub that will make you say "Yaaaaaas!"

We believe in recyclable, ethical and natural products

... and smearing tasty stuff on your body. 

Simple, right? 



Body Scrub

The first scrub we ever produced, the Signature keeps it simple. Perfect for those who aren't interested in nonsense products and just want something to keep their skin beautiful, without the fuss.


Coffee, coconut oil, natural sugar and other secret stuff

Dirty Chai
Body Scrub

For those who like to spice things up, we have the Dirty Chai. Enjoy the sweetness of our secret chai spice

mixture, combined with the

scent of ground coffee and the smoothness of natural oils.


Coffee, coconut oil, vanilla bean, spices, natural sugar

Body Scrub

Treat yo'self to our scrumptious Mocha scrub, which combines natural cocoa with coffee, natural oils and unprocessed sugars. So good, you'll have a hard time trying to not eat it.

Maybe just a nibble?


Ground coffee beans, coconut oil, natural cocoa powder, natural sugar


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